The Inaugural Conference of Asian Society of Development and Comparative Immunology was held in Dalian Ocean University
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The Inaugural Conference of the Asian Society of Developmental and Comparative Immunology (ASDCI) was held in Dalian Ocean University for the first time on November 13, 2018. The Vice-president of ISDCI, Professor Michael Frederick Criscitiello, the Secretary-General of ISDCI, Professor Maria Forlenza, seven famous Chinese experts, the Vice-presidents of Dalian Ocean University, Professor Yucai Hu and Professor Linsheng Song attended the meeting.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Professor Maria Forlenza. She introduced the development of ISDCI in recent years and fully affirmed the great achievements made by experts and scholars in Asia and their outstanding contributions to international developmental and comparative immunology research. Both Professor Michael Frederick Criscitiello and Yucai Hu made the welcoming speeches respectively.

Professor Linsheng Song was selected as the president of ASDCI; Professor Lingling Wang was selected as the Secretary of ASDCI; Professor Jianguo He and other six professors were selected as the Vice-presidents; Professor Haipeng Liu and Professor Zhen Xu were selected as the Associate secretaries of ASDCI. Professor Michael Frederick Criscitiello read out a list of 35 board members on behalf of ISDCI and issued certificates.

After the opening ceremony, Professor Michael Frederick Criscitiello, Professor Maria Forlenza and Professor Jianguo He made academic reports on vertebrate animal immunogenetics, carp SVCV vaccine and shrimp natural immunity against WSSV virus, repectively. After the meeting, the experts visited the Marine Biology and Biotechnology Laboratory of Dalian Ocean University and Liaoning Fisheries Facility Aquaculture and Equipment Technology Engineering Research Center.